How to: connect to SSH on your OpenWrt router over internet

OpenWrt: SSH via a terminal

OpenWrt: SSH via a terminal

Here is a simple how to on connecting to the SSH server of your OpenWrt router over WAN/internet.
OpenWrt has a very good firewall. It has several layers which you can configure. To connect to SSH in your router from the outside world, execute the following steps.

1. Configure your dropbear
Dropbear, the SSH server of OpenWrt, is probably already installed on your router when you have installed OpenWrt. By default, it allows connections from your LAN to the router on port 22. In this example we will change the port to 1422. The reason for this is to make it harder to find the SSH server and people might start hammering it, which we don’t want.

To change the port to 1422, open /etc/config/dropbear and change the port value to 1422. Also add this line:
option 'GatewayPorts' 'on'

This option will make sure that dropbear allows external connections to the dropbear deamon.

2. Configure your firewall
Open /etc/config/firewall and add the following lines:

config 'rule'
  option 'src' 'wan'
  option 'dest_port' '1422'
  option 'target' 'ACCEPT'
  option 'proto' 'tcp'

This rule tells the firewall that it can allow incoming traffic of the WAN interface on port 1422.

You’re done! Traffic at port 1422 will arrive at your router and therefore you can now connect to SSH on the OpenWrt router from the internet.

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The above post applies to OpenWrt Backfire 10.03.1

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