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Here is my Git Cheat Sheet: Feel free to use it!    

Using an iOS (iPad/iPhone) to access the webserver with virtual host on your computer

Using an iOS (iPad/iPhone) to access the webserver with virtual host on your computer
If you are doing web development and you want to debug your web application on an iPad it usually is not that hard to do. Just connect the iPad to the same WiFi your computer with the web server is running on and go to the LAN IP of that machine. But what if your ...

Troubleshooting Apache on Mac Os X

Recently I switched over to Apache on Mac Os X Mountain Lion. I had some trouble getting it to run correctly, because I was copying a configuration from another old installation of Linux. In this brief article, I will show you how to get it up and running if running it is not going as ...

VIM: Search for the word under the cursor

VIM is packed with a lot of handy features to edit textfiles efficiently. Here is another trick which I recently looked up. How to search for the word under cursor? That is actually very easy. When your cursor is on the word, use the following keys to navigate around: # – find previous match of ...

Have you met

Have you met
Update April 30, 2014 Unfortunately is no longer offering free accounts. An alternative is GitHub Gist.   Original article: Recently I have discovered, whose tagline is “the long term memory for coders“. You can add snippets here for/from various programming languages and publish it (or just store it for yourself if you don’t ...

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